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4 Resons Why You Should Work With Us
Get Paid Fast
Faster and smother claims settlement with our all-points insurance capture.

Collect Every Cent
We don't take no for an answer. We aggressively appeal every denied payment.

Bulletproof Reporting
Get 24/7 web-based reporting with customized reports and tips to improve revenue.

Ensure 100% Compliance
Failsafe compliance checks to safeguard your company (and your sanity).
Keep up with the latest
ambulance billing industry news
How To Collect More On Every Call
Increase collections on every call by following some basic advice. Read More
The Revenue

Get maximum payout with fast, easy, secure billing using our revenue maximizer system.

About Us

To serve more of you better, we have expanded our services throughout New York and New Jersey. We're not just "Upstate" anymore.

So, to reflect our new scope, we have also changed our name. It's not where we hang our hats that counts. What counts is what we do for you.

Find out what else is new. Discover how we can simplify your EMS operation and help you maximize your revenue:

Get a FREE Copy of:

How to collect more on every EMS call—8 6 Fail-safe tips to keep your ambulance wheels rolling.

It's our gift to you, and our wish for your success and growth.

AmbuBill helps EMS ambulance teams like you do what you do best - save lives.
We take over the grind of billing and compliance
with Medicare and insurance carriers... so you can get on with your rescue work.

AmbuBill simplifies the process of billing and collections to maximize revenues and minimize unpaid bills.

Our state-of-the-art ambulance billing software expedites billing, minimizes paperwork, speeds financial transactions and produces accurate and complete financial reports.

We know the ins and outs of working with Medicaid, Medicare and insurance carriers. AmbuBill has a track record of breaking through bureaucratic log-jams to insure prompt action.

We take over the process from A to Z: from the submission of Pre Hospital Reports (PCRs) through the successful reimbursement. AmbuBill, Inc. is a firm large enough to provide all required services, yet we are small enough to know your name. More important--we care about your success.


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