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Faster and smother claims settlement with our all-points insurance capture.

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We don't take no for an answer. We aggressively appeal every denied payment.

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Get 24/7 web-based reporting with customized reports and tips to improve revenue.

Ensure 100% Compliance
Failsafe compliance checks to safeguard your company (and your sanity).
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How To Collect More On Every Call
Increase collections on every call by following some basic advice. Read More
The Revenue

Get maximum payout with fast, easy, secure billing using our revenue maximizer system.

Collect More on Every Call –
EMS Billing Company

EMS billing is a complex process with very specific rules and regulations that are subject to change. Keeping up with the regulations and ensuring compliance is a difficult job, made even harder by your lack of time.

But you can maximize collections on every call you receive by following some basic advice and answering some general questions about your procedures:

  • Ensure that all Patient Care Reports (PCRs) are accurate and complete, using ICD and HCPS codes to maximize your returns.

  • Submit claims as soon as possible via secure electronic systems.

  • Identify areas in which your current systems may be failing you. Are you collecting full data on every call? Are you coding calls accurately to ensure maximum payout?

  • Be rigorous in collections. Are you using all possible communication options to pursue your claims?

  • Look carefully at the pricing model you currently have. Is it serving you well, or is it time to renegotiate with the insurer?

  • Analyze failures in your collections processes. Do you know why your claims are being denied? If so, how will you revise your procedures to avoid collections problems in the future?

  • Do you have adequate reports for carrying out an analysis of your system?

  • Do you have an audit trail to ensure regulatory compliance on all of your calls?

If you are facing challenges in any of the areas mentioned above, AmbuBill can help.

We know that it is nearly impossible for you to find time to do collections, so you can depend on a partner like AmbuBill. We are strong advocates for you and we do not stop until we have the full payment owed to you.

We are always educating ourselves about the requirements of each insurer, Medicaid, and Medicare, so we know how to successfully respond and obtain the maximum payment for you.

We have longstanding personal relationships with insurance carriers and we work closely with hospital staff. The goodwill we create results in greater cooperation and faster, more streamlined reimbursement. We also take the time to talk with patients on your behalf so we can get the answers we need to ensure documentation is complete and correct.

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