Ambubill - Ambuiance Billing Service
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4 Resons Why You Should Work With Us
Get Paid Fast
Faster and smother claims settlement with our all-points insurance capture.

Collect Every Cent
We don't take no for an answer. We aggressively appeal every denied payment.

Bulletproof Reporting
Get 24/7 web-based reporting with customized reports and tips to improve revenue.

Ensure 100% Compliance
Failsafe compliance checks to safeguard your company (and your sanity).
Keep up with the latest
ambulance billing industry news
How To Collect More On Every Call
Increase collections on every call by following some basic advice. Read More
The Revenue

Get maximum payout with fast, easy, secure billing using our revenue maximizer system.

Contact Us

Please contact us, we are here to answer any questions or concerns.

AMBUBILL - Ambulance Billing Service
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Monroe, NY 10950

Phone: 888.770.8822
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