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4 Resons Why You Should Work With Us
Get Paid Fast
Faster and smother claims settlement with our all-points insurance capture.

Collect Every Cent
We don't take no for an answer. We aggressively appeal every denied payment.

Bulletproof Reporting
Get 24/7 web-based reporting with customized reports and tips to improve revenue.

Ensure 100% Compliance
Failsafe compliance checks to safeguard your company (and your sanity).
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How To Collect More On Every Call
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The Revenue

Get maximum payout with fast, easy, secure billing using our revenue maximizer system.

The Revenue Maximizer

Get Maximum Revenue At Maximum Speed

  • Get paid FAST

  • Prevent claim rejection (or worse!)

  • Ensure 100% compliance

AmbuBill is your ticket to getting paid... quickly and efficiently. No more incomplete or incorrect billing.

(Or, even worse - not billing! Sadly, you wouldn't believe how many EMS companies do just that - no billing at all - at untold loss to them... and to the communities they serve! You owe it to yourself and to your community to collect each and every dollar--for each and every call.)

We know what you're up against. You need an ambulance billing specialist--because you don't have time for down time.

That's why we developed AmbuBill's exclusive "Revenue Maximizer" system to:

  • Collect every cent that should be collected

  • Streamline your switch to fast, easy and secure billing for every call

Your switch to AmbuBill is virtually effortless. We do all the heavy lifting. And you get no gap of revenue. Our simplified process will smooth the transition for your team. We'll focus on making sure you get paid. You can focus on your real EMS rescue work.

Here's how we make it hassle-free for you:

  • We provide you with a simple Documentation Kit including all the forms you need to submit for a seamless transition.

  • We capture all information at once with a foolproof questionnaire. Nothing slips through the cracks.

  • We update all information and maintain close liaison with insurance companies to make sure you have a seamless transition.

But we don't merely hand you a kit and wish you well. We know you have too much urgent work to do to let you get bogged down in paperwork. Our express transition implementer will get you up to speed in no time. With no downtime.

Documentation implementer
Speed-training your organization for:

  • Smart strategies and procedures for easy documentation and forms for full compliance.

  • Documenting the severity and complexity of each call to improve coding accuracy and compliance.

  • Putting systems into place so that every call is documented and accounted for.

  • Failsafe compliance checks to safeguard your company (and your sanity!)

The insurance capture solution
Let us pry loose your payments from the steel grip of Medicare and other insurance payers. Get faster and smoother claims settlement with our all-points insurance capture. We capture 97% of all required insurance information with our multi-channel communications strategy: online, phone, mail, and direct contact with insurance carriers and hospitals.

The strategic pricing module
Not just billing and collections. We go the extra mile!

  • Negotiating more profitable contracts with insurance carriers for you.

  • Analyzing and revising your organization's pricing structure to improve net patient revenue.

  • Targeted procedures to maximize reimbursement based on payers - identifying insurance companies covering specific supplies to get you maximum reimbursement.

The appeals solution

  • We don't take no for an answer. We aggressively appeal every denied payment and every underpayment.

  • In our follow-up we identify and account for all denials and target problem areas to establish failsafe procedures for collection of all receivables.

The reporting matrix

  • Comprehensive, bulletproof weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly reports.

  • Customized reports

  • Convenient Web-based reporting 24/7

  • Randomly spot check calls to internally audit for compliance.

  • Report detailed findings and suggested changes for improved revenue.

Patient Relations

  • We follow up with patients and make sure all necessary information is entered for claims.

  • When necessary - if and when there is no insurance coverage - we tactfully collect direct from patients.

  • We are always sensitive to patients' needs and rights in collecting information and payment.


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