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4 Resons Why You Should Work With Us
Get Paid Fast
Faster and smother claims settlement with our all-points insurance capture.

Collect Every Cent
We don't take no for an answer. We aggressively appeal every denied payment.

Bulletproof Reporting
Get 24/7 web-based reporting with customized reports and tips to improve revenue.

Ensure 100% Compliance
Failsafe compliance checks to safeguard your company (and your sanity).
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ambulance billing industry news
How To Collect More On Every Call
Increase collections on every call by following some basic advice. Read More
The Revenue

Get maximum payout with fast, easy, secure billing using our revenue maximizer system.

Our Service

AmbuBill, Inc. will manage and monitor your entire billing and collection process. We take over all collections for Medicaid, Medicare and other insurance billing. Your billing and payment process will be smooth and trouble free. We constantly monitor Medicare and Medicaid for new rules and regulations as well as changes in coding and processes. Avoiding regulatory delays means faster payments to you.

Using our cutting edge software, backed up by human smarts, we take over the entire process:

  • Print prior approval forms

  • Input prior approval rosters

  • Create files and transmit to CSC

  • Post remittances

  • Resubmit any denials, pending and held items

  • Print private pay patient invoices

  • Electronically submit Medicare and Medicaid Bills

  • Handle HMO billing

  • Interface with carriers on your behalf

  • Handle all insurance billing

  • Provide reports online 24/7 showing status and projections

And we go beyond high-tech in our service. There are some things that no computer system can do. We have the experience and the tenacity to personally follow through on even the most difficult cases, including collection matters from insurance carriers and private payers. AmbuBill, Inc. is particularly proud of its determination and success in this area.

Just some of the issues we personally handle:

Monitoring the Receipt of Pre-hospital Care Report Sheets (PCRs).

We work together with EMS squads and volunteers to make sure all information on every PCR is accurately filled in. PCRs are then searched for ICD-9-CPT Codes and HCPCS Codes and are entered in our computer software system. If a claim payment or response has not been issued within 30 days after the insurance company has been billed we contact the insurance carrier to follow through and get a status report. All insurance denials are researched and tenaciously contested.


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